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Nov 13, 2006
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Peoria, Illinois

I have Two kribensis. Each one about breeding age and the male seems to be scaring the female a little bit. It might also be that she is just stressed out because I have just gotten her? I have had kribensis before but it still dosen't help with the original crisi. I am not an amatuer I have had fish for eight years and i am in need of help. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish Man
The male died last night. And the female ont eat and is having problems swimming and keeps bumping into walls!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont know much but i used to breed Kribensis,

but it sounds like the male and female had a fight, and they both got seriously injered.
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Have you tested your water? - could be an ammonia/nitrate spike.

Any visible signs of illness/disease?

The way you describe the female sounds like a swimbladder problem unfortunately.
The only time ive seen Kribs fight to the point of death on either side is when someone mis identified a male as a female and the tank wasnt big enough for 2 territories. Other than that im thinking a spike in the tank or a disease etc.

Today the female died and they were not in a fight because they had no signs of injuries. The water is good because I just had two other kribensis in their for a month and they were fine until I had to get rid of them and I just did that 3 days ago. And it is not swim bladder because she was swimming just fine except she had problems manuvering and it is not like the case of swim bladder that my black molly had and if it was i would have figuerd (spelled wrong) it out and treated it immideatly(spelled wrong). The male also has a gray colored stomach that has stuff comming out that looks like musch. I am about to take it to the LPS to get some more and if they still keep dieing i will drain the tank and start over. Help much epreciated.
ok well i wouldnt but them in a tank under 2 ft for a start
the reason the female ate the male is because if she feels she is threatened or her babies are she will kill and eat him BUT he may of had white spot or a parasite which infected her causing her to die.
usually u shud get a male twice the size of the female it makes them breed faster and females are attracted to the larger males.
the will usually pair off, make sure you have some sort of cave, she will lay her eggs on the top the guard the cave and the male will kill any fish that tries to enter. once they hatch the parents will take the babies out on little feeding expeditions and once again if any fish gets close the male will hold it down and the femal will kill it.
it is not a good idea to have angles while having krebinsis as the are too fasst and will eat the eggs and kill the krebinsis.
there you go alot of important stuff about krebinsis :D
I went to the lps and they said we are sorry about the fish but they are all breathing heavy so if I were you i wouldn't get them. But he did give me 2 brichardi for the price of 2 kribs.Thanks everyone!!!!!!!! Brichardi are africans right?
As I am new to brichardi does anyone know anything about them such as breeding,food,housin,and any other useful information?Help much eppreciated.

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