Its Been A Long Time.

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Mar 19, 2008
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15 years ago I got my first betta and have had one ever since.  Well I went a few years with out one. This time it has been 3 years since I had one.  
I took my daughter that is 4 years old betta fish shopping.  I wanted a big eared betta. I found a great big ear plakat he was purple and very nice.  he was $20 a little more then I wanted to spend.  Then my daughter saw one she loved and must have. So I gave into her and got her a fish. I will wait till the big ear bettas go down in price. 
Here is my daughters new betta. He is a cool fish. I missed having a betta it feels good to have one again. 
He is hard to get a photo of because she is always moving. 

back to Betta World, lovely coloured fins.  Can you tell us more about his set up and add some pictures :)
Does he have a name yet?
I know what you mean ala the BE, you can see one of mine is like the one you describe in my current signature, second from the right at the bottom.  My latest BE male can be seen here.
Look forward to hearing more about his antics.
Now I want more again.  I caught the betta bug for the 4th time.  I am trying to think of how I can keep more bettas. 
I have always wanted to breed betta fish. I am thinking of giving it a go. I have a spare room that I can turn into a betta breeding room. I don,t think I have time to trake care of fry. Feeding and cleaning fry tanks takes lots of time.

Oh no I am back to being a crazy fish person.
Welcome to the Betta madness, lol! 

Your daughter has good taste, her Betta is very handsome! 

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