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Isolating Injured Crayfish?


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Sep 11, 2014
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I have a tank with 6 small crayfish, biggest still less than 10cm in length, not including claws. I think they are probably Cherax quadricarinatus? Not sure? They are a blue-ish brown-ish colour, with small red/pink spots on their tails, two on each segment. The biggest one has also just developed pink/red markings on the side of its claws. I bought them all together when they were pretty small so they don't get too violent or territorial with each other, just a few small scuffles. Also the tank is really big, around 100+ gallons.

However, today, one of the smaller ones (cos they started growing at different rates and some are larger than others) lost a claw to a fight. I'm worried that the other crayfish will take advantage of its handicap and kill it for food/territory and am thinking of isolating it until its claw grows back.

But I have also read that you cannot add new crayfish to a tank that already has crayfish in it as the existing crayfish will see the new one as an intruder and attack it, making it dangerous for the new crayfish. So, if I isolate the injured guy for a while (maybe 2 months or so?) until the new claw grows in, will it be too late to reintroduce it back into the tank? Will my other crayfish attempt to kill it on sight then? Does my crayfish have a better chance fighting with one claw now or fighting healthy but later on when the others may be even more hostile?

Thank you!


Aug 31, 2014
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6 crayfish in a 100 gallon is not good for the crayfish, they need big territory and will eventually all kill each other as they mature. yes you cant add crayfish to a tank with different crayfish they will not accept the newcomer. just isolate all the crayfish forever so no more claw loss happens
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