Is this a Marbled Butterfly Betta?


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Jul 26, 2020
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About a week or so ago we bought a butterfly betta, he was dark blue almost black with translucent fins. The other day we noticed white patches starting to appear. We would like to know if he is sick or is he a marble?
Thank you!


He is changing colors and probably marble gene. Bettas are known to change colors even without the gene though. However, the spots indicate he is a marble. Beautiful though!
Thank you. I am a little worried about what looks to be red lines forming along his side. Are these his veins or a hint of something else wrong?
Very petty betta, haven't seen one quite like that before. It's a very elegant colouration! Would love to see a photo of the other one you have if you're happy to share. I'm planning to get a betta at some point once I stop with guppies, always nice to see healthy looking, pretty bettas. :)
That's a very interesting coloration! I've never seen that before.
Marble bettas are really fun in my opinion. You never really know what you'll end up with. When I first bought my betta, he was white with icy blue fins. Now he's royal blue with shimmery green, some red, and translucent black on his fins.

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