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Aug 6, 2004
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1 of my mollies had mouth fungus and the other cloudy eye, so i put them both in a seperate compartment but took out the divider thinking they would be alright, i went up to my room just a minute ago and one has bullied the other, he was floating upside down but still trying to swim, ive taken him out now and put him in another seperate tank, added a tiny bit of salt, some stress coat and melafix....will he be alright in the tank, its got no heater or filter becos its not big enuf, the temp should stay the same but is there anything else i can do?!! im worried he's going to die now... :byebye:
Hi, sorry to hear about your mollie. Are you sure he was bullied and wasn't upside down coz he's sick? How big is the tank that you've put him in? Maybe you could put a light over it, the heat from the light should keep the water warm enough.
damn my last post didnt come out, well i said..umm im not really worried about the temp ive had my heater off for a few weeks and the temp stays at 80F, im sure he cant of got ill in a few hours, also he's orange color turned so i think the other one was pecking him, the only thing i think is wrong with him was cloudy eye, so beacause he's not actually really ill do you think he could get better becasue he's now on his own and not being pecked at? ive tried making him swim and he tries too but he keeps flipping over why does he keep doing this?
Cloudy eye can be a symtem of bad water conditions and/or lack of vitamin B2. What's the water quality like in the main tank?
ammonia 0 nirite 0 dont know about the rest?!
Most likely swim baldder problems. Use the appropriate medication. Sorry to say, but cloudy eye usually leads to blindness, so even if you save him he will probably be blind for the rest of his life. :-(
argh he was bullied to death, that evil fish killed him!!! :rip: oh well..because he had cloudy eye neways its best he didnt have to live blind :(

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