I'm done with Aquabid!

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Feb 5, 2004
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Well, due to the whole betta mess and the way a handful of sellers reacted, I will not be purchasing through Aquabid in the future.

Here is my post in the suggestions section:

"I would like to suggest that the administrators of this sight might want to moderate how sellers respond to buyers and potential buyers. After what I have witnessed on this forum - the way handful of sellers have behaved in ganging up on not only one buyer, but disrespecting a number of other potential buyers - I will not be participating in Aquabid auctions in the future, even though I had been planning a number of purchases. I check in from time to time to see if the fish I want are available.

I don't go to any brick and mortar store and accept being treated this way, even as a browser. My expectations are not any different here. You've lost a customer. "

To each there own. I won't be giving them any of my money.
The whole situation completely turned me off. I'm all for auctions (You should see how much crap I have from ebay... :rolleyes: ), but that doesn't mean buyers and potential buyers should be treated disrespectfully, especially on a blanket level as happened in this case.
ya i know aquabid is risky. I dont like dealing with people i dont know, especially from a distance, but i guess its just a risk u'v gotta decide to take if u want those fish. i dont blame u for dislikeing aquabid. i think the people who run it dont keep a close enough eye on how users are being treated, and who uses it. because of this i know alot of people who will not use them.
I'm willing to roll the dice with my money - that's what I do on ebay, after all. But for fish that I REALLY want, I'll be better off going to a quality breeder and just paying the pricetag instead of bidding at Aquabid. It's not the financial gamble that bothers me, but the knowledge that a handful of sellers are so quick to be insulting to potential customers. I know that most of the sellers are probably wonderful, but considering how put off I already am, I'm not going to take a chance in the future. If I ever had an issue and those people treated me as they have treated jac (as well as blanket insults to the members of this website), I would pop a vein. I think many people have had great experiences there, and I'm certainly not suggesting that anyone follow in my footsteps - I'm just angry and venting cause I know you guys'll let me! ;) :whistle:
well its really a matter of trust, and u never know whos gunna try their best to make sure it all works out and whos gunna turn around and scam u outta ur cash like that chic who tryed to pull one over on jac.
Cation, even though I've never been to that site, I'll take your advice and won't. You've been helpful to me before. :)
Well, now one of their sellers has called me (and all of you that responded to the thread) "nutcases":

"See I knew I could get a rise out of you nutcases. Why not settle down and kick off your shoes wipe the chips of your shoulders and relax. If you can not take a little kidding around maybe you are taking things a little to serious. I did not treat you any differant than I treat anyone else. You nutcases are the ones dragging all this out for us all to watch. Welcome to aquabid it is nice to see a bunch of pleasant level headed light hearted friendly people posting!
Good ol' lotsoffish"

If he weren't such an ass it'd be kinda funny - I have to admit, I really get a chuckle of him sitting there imagining me as some kind of uptight humorless wench. :rolleyes:

Krib - Yeah, but that advice was about Costa Rica! ;) :rofl: No, seriously, I know others have had good experiences there - I think someone was talking about a good/bad aquabidders thread on here, which would be great. Then those people who like getting fish there could see who the good sellers are and who the not so good sellers are.
lol cation

Why not settle down and kick off your shoes wipe the chips of your shoulders and relax.

Before I finished the sentence...I thought he was going to say wipe the chips off your faces,insinuating we were all chip munching,lazy folk :lol: :lol: Oh, I cracked me up :rofl: -_-

Anyhoo...I hear through the grapevine that there will be a new,homegrown auction site opening soon :hyper: :whistle: I'll wait for rolln to fill you in on the rest ;)
:rofl: That's too funny. Yeah, I saw rolln's post... :whistle: I'm glad I'll have somewhere to go to buy at auction if I want to (and hopefully soon, sell! :hey: ), that's really cool. I really got my panties all up in a wad about Aquabid, so I'll be happy to see new, "homegrown" (oh, wait, you're talking about FISH.... :rofl: Just kidding) options for us "rank amateurs braggin' on our tanks"....
cation said:
Yeah, I saw rolln's post... :whistle:
Oh yeah :*) Quiet, you :shifty:

so I'll be happy to see new, "homegrown" (oh, wait, you're talking about FISH.... :rofl: Just kidding)

shhhhh :shifty:

I'm looking forward to the site too,goodness knows I have enough bettas to sell :look:
I think I may pop a vein anyway. I've asked to be "unregistered" or banned, or whatever they have to do. It'll keep me from posting over there anymore, which would be good. :rolleyes:
Well now you've gone and made me want to go read that thread again...

So sorry for hijacking,I don't know what's gotten in to me today :dunno:
I don't care. I'm the tangent Queen, and if I ever stayed on topic, even in one of my threads , I'd be shocked... :p
Lol, I saw that too about the "nutcase" comment, but apparently that is his favorite word. I was checking the auctions he's done and in one that I saw he refers to the future bidders as "nutcases", so I guess it's a term of endearment, we should be honored, hahahahahaha


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