If your mystery snail has algae on its shell that you can’t get off I have the solution!

Maddie Dalsing

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Dec 13, 2019
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Tulsa, OK
I’ve had my 3 mystery snails for quite a while now, when I first bought them from the pet store their shells were clean and shiny and beautiful, but after a while I let them have babies, when they hatched they were so very very tiny I couldn’t completely clean the tank without killing itty babies, the best I could do were water changes and not clean the gravel substrate they were all hidden in. The rocks grew algae and then my snails shells started growing algae. Eventually my babies grew and I could pick them all out and I did a thorough tank cleaning, and wanted to clean my mystery’s shells. I tried a toothbrush on their shells, and nope! A toothbrush does not work whatsoever. I saw a video on YouTube about putting the snails in a dark room for a few days which kills the algae and then rubbing their shells off, that didn’t work. So I started thinking about nerite snails! Nerites are known for being great cleaners, I went and bought 2, got them home and later on in the evening once they were acclimated and knew their surroundings, I stuck a nerite on my big female mystery and went to bed. When I woke up she was COMPLETELY CLEAN! I did it to my other two the next two nights, woke up and they were spotless!
They work wonders!


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