How To Make A Diy Python Pet of the Month
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Think someone should create a shopping list on here with links to amazon and ebay for the products

See how much we can make it for :D

Would be useful to me too :)
Here is how to buy all the bits online and for the cheapest price i could find, if anyone finds cheaper then add to this- eventually we can make it for very cheap!
I think this is all the correct pieces, perhaps the OP can verify?

This is what he said is needed to make it and price inc delivery

A hose £8.50

Multi tap connector £3.50

3 standard hose connectors (hose set comes with 2 so only need 1) £3.49

1 stop end connector £3.29

1 y adapter £2.31

Total price £21.09

Hope this is helpful!
this needs an update ... what do you do if you've not got a mixer tap? I have seperate hot and cold taps.
I've bought one of those old fashioned shower sprays that pushes on the taps and cut off the shower end leaving just the rubber cups that push on the taps and the 'Y' connector and a short piece of the pipe. My plan was to just push a long length of hose onto the shower spray pipe end and put the other end in the tank and refill. To drain the tank I was planning to use my syphon and push the long length of pipe onto the end of it, the other end in the sink and hope there's enough pressure to push it towards my kitchen sink. Until I try this I won't know. If it doesn't work I'd like instructions on making this diy one but for seperate taps please :)
These instructions would work, just add another "y" connector to the hose. One part of the y goes to each tap (one hot, one cold) then the bottom part of the "y" becomes the mixer tap.

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