How to clean soap out of drains?


Fish Guru
Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA
I need ideas on how to remove soap from the drain.

I have tried running the hot tap for half an hour. Doesn't help. Useless instant gas doesn't get hot enough to do anything.

I tried pouring 10 litres of boiling water down the drain straight after running hot water for 30 minutes, and also separately. No help.

I have poured 5 litres of straight household bleach down the drain and left it for 12 hours. Then run the hot tap for half an hour. No help.

I mixed half a litre of ammonia with 5 litres of water and poured it down the drain, and left it for 12 hours. Then ran the hot water for half an hour. It didn't help.

I have put a heaped tablespoon of bicarb and salt down the drain, then added a cup of vinegar. Didn't do anything.

This problem never used to happen but with new water saving taps and instant gas hot water that only gets to 30C, it's become an issue.

I'm running out of options. Any ideas on how to get soap out of drains?

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