How many to a 50 gal?

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Feb 21, 2004
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I have recently aquired a 50 gal aquarium (still needs to be set up) for my 4 cichlids--a powder blue, a bumblebee, a malawi golden, and a yellow lab. However, I don't think this enough for a 50 gal. All of these fish get to be about 4 inches except for the bumblebee, who gets 5 (I might have to get rid of him if he gets too big) so if Iget any more fish, they won't exceed four inches.
I've heard that when it comes to cichlids, it's better to overstock than to understock, so I'm not sure just how many I'll need in addition to the four I already have.

Any suggestions?
i would first get mates for them. overstocking will lower aggression. also determining the sex of what you have now and creating groups of 3 females to every male.

not sure what you mean by a malawi golden, but the p. crabro is too aggressive for the lab. i would relocate the lab. i'm assuming the powder blue is a p. callainos, which is also too aggressive imo for the lab.
The lab will have a tough time with the bumblebee and others. we had 2 labs that apparently were being harrassed when the lights went out. came home from work 1 morning and barely found any of the carcass left. lost the other 1 a few days later
Uh oh.... :crazy:

My mother bought the lab for me; it's my most expensive fish other than my synodontis catfish, and it's her absolute favorite. I don't think I could get rid of it. I might end up selling the rest of the cichlids, and getting all yellow labs--3 females to my male. In that case, I think I'm going to keep them in the 30 gallon. How many labs should I get in addition to the the one I have?

Thanks for the advice; I don't want him to get hurt!!! :-(

...How do you sex labs, anyway?
Labs are typically pretty difficult to sex....the best way to do it is by the color of the fins....males will have more black on their pectoral fins....also, I have noticed that my males are a wee bit more yellow and the females show a bit of white in the body....

If you are planning on keeping the labs in the 30, I would suggest getting at least 6 more, no more than that though, you should get some loaches for them as well...smaller variety, such as yo-yo's or some sort of smaller botia (queen?) They will keep the labs a little more active, being as they can be known to be quite skittish and like to hide a little too much.

Also check the fish profiles section, as cichlidaddict has a profile written up for them in there. Very informative. :nod:
I have 3 three Kuhli Loaches in there already. Would those work? I like them because not only are they cool, but no fish--no matter how predaceous--ever seems to mess with them.

By the way, my lab doesn't have any black on it's pectorals. Did you mean pelvic?

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