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How long will Armano shrimp carry embryos in a fresh water tank???

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
So it’s be quite a while ago, that I bought 2 groups of 10 mature Armano shrimp several of the big females have been carrying embryos for more than 6 months… I know they aren’t supposed to breed in fresh water ( or at least their embryos don’t develop in fresh water) but I would have assumed they would have dropped them by now… maybe they have, and I’m not noticing but all my big females are carrying???
When I had amanos, the females seemed constantly with eggs. However, the eggs changed colour. At times they were pale, at others they were deep olive green. I know the eggs change colour as they develop and I assumed that what I was seeing was newly fertilised eggs maturing, then hatching and then the female shed her skin and mated. While she was in hiding as the new skin hardened, more eggs were fertilised which then matured and hatched and on and on.
Have the eggs changed colour at all with your amanos?

There was a link to a video posted on here some time ago which had caught the newly hatched amano larvae leaving the mother. Unfortunately they don't survive in fresh water tanks.

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