Should I buy more moss for my future Neocaridina davidi (heteropoda)?

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Aug 6, 2023
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I ordered my first corydoras (habrosus) this morning and somewhat impulsively bought 12 low grade red cherry shrimps to eventually add to my 280L tank. I've been considering shrimp for this tank since I set it up, but it still felt impulsive!

I own three tanks, my 280L, a 54L QT and a 105L tank. There are no plants or inhabitants in the 105L, but it has water and substrate, and the filter has stayed running.
So far, my plan is to QT the shrimp in the 54L to keep them on their own at first, while I'm still new to inverts.

I'll change the substrate in the 105L (a mixed blend of sand, lava rock gravel and plant substrate) to play sand which is a 20kg bag left over from my 280L. I'll QT my new fish in that.
Those will be 16 corydoras habrosus and a single golden ancistrus (as long as there are no DOA). I'll be adding some fast growing plants and driftwood in it.

I'm not sure if shrimp need to be quarantined as I assume fish diseases don't carry, but I probably will regardless.

If I follow this plan, the shrimp will be in the 54L QT with some plants and my snails. Bladder snails I have already, and a few nerite snails come.

Part of the reason for two QTs is that I've heard that corys are known for carrying worms (the parasite kind) and that many people deworm all new corydoras. I don't know about every dewormer but I imagine that it would wipe out my snails as well. Which I don't want, hence the separate QT.

The shrimp won't be in the 280L straight away, but they will eventually. (Unless I am adviced not to, in which case I'd probably give them away)

So long story long, will this be enough cover for some cherry shrimp in a 280L or should I buy some more moss online and hide it in the 280L behind the wood?

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