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Aug 11, 2004
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Hi All, well I have recently joined the world of Tropical Fish and I am loving it. I have had a couple of hitch's but have foud some fab advice from this site, so thank you to everyone. It's these sort of sites which help people like me do things correctly. I do however have a question! How do I attach a picture with a question that I have?

Cheers Yvonne
Welcome :thumbs:

I upload it then use the img option in the reply posts.
Whys am I having so many problems trying to upload my pictures, some of you have really good pics on here :kewlpics: I have tried tinypic.com but cant get anywhere, and I have tried one called bucket (or something like that) but you can only register on that site between certain times and I keep missing them!!!! I am begining to think that it's something that I am doing. I would be greatful if any one can offer thier advise. Other than that I must say this site is fab :cool: , I am very new to tropical fish and have gained alot of advise from people in here. Good luck to anyone else who is just starting out.

Welcome to the forum.

Goto the subfolder on this forum called Memebers Aquarium Pictures, hit new topic and on that page you will see the "Browse" button for you to upload pictures.
use www.imageshack.us, so easy to do, you upload the pic you want press host then it'll give you loads of things to click on and copy, use the bottom one, go into the reply bit on fish forum click IMG them right click in the box and paste, press ok the you will see the code in the writing section, you can then write a message below or above it, (keep the code on the same line, and just a tip leave a space in between your writing) hope this helps, let me know how you get on!!!!

Good luck!!!! :)
Great advice and yep it worked it's now on the livebearers section, one problem however, my fish looks more like a great white than a guppie, it's HUGE!!!!!!! Any idea on how to shrink the picture


Hope this works, I have tried to shrink it!!

So glad the info helped, I had great trouble the first time I wanted to upload a pic, so I hope to see more pic's from you in the future!!! :)

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