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May 31, 2019
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I'm not liking the blue dolphin thrown into the mix here. They will do much better in harder water.

I'd recommend against the Bala sharks. You said they are big already but they are only going to triple in size. They really need a bigger tank.

Stay away from big, strong, and aggressive central americans like Texas, red devil, and Jack Dempsey. They are too aggressive for what you are going for.

Colin named a whole bunch of good ones.

I especially like red severum, geophagus if you have sand, blood parrot, and electric blue acara to go along with your firemouth. There are still many other fish that can go. Most South American cichilds will fit in this tank as long as there is space. Rainbow cichlid would work.

Although from Central American a convict can work. Do not get a pair. These fish are very aggressive for their size, but do very will with larger but less aggressive fish.

I'd also highly recommend getting either a nice group of giant danios or rainbows, the schooling nature of these fish really comforts the cichlids and the cichlids will be more active as well.
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