Help - Poisoned Fish (With Swollen/cloudy Eye) And Lights Left On 24Hr

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Jul 8, 2013
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I am hoping for some advice.  Recently I purchased a second had filter and this has led to my snails dropping like flies - My levels had been okay but I think there was chemicals used to clean the filter which led to this.  Fish and shrimp have been okay and been keeping up on water changes.  Unfortunately I have needed to go away for 6 days and 3 snails have died leading to a sharp rise in Nitrates and subsequently leading to 2 tetras dieing (more nitrates) and to add to this the timer has broken and the lights were on 24 hours a day - Thus heavily stressing the fish and with no snails the glass is brown with algae.
All fish look stressed and pale my main problem is with my Dwarf Gourami...One of his eyes is swollen and cloudy and he generally looks ill.
I have just treated with a double dose of Prime and will be doing a near 100% WC tomorrow but what can I do to cure this problem with the DG?  Will he just get better with water quality?
Its getting quite upsetting as its one problem after another with this tank.
Just a note - the tank is cycled and the old filter media went into the 2nd hand filter, levels (apart from nitrate) have been fine.

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