Help me the Java Moss Turning brown

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Nov 28, 2017
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I started a new 10 gallon rimless aquarium and it is in 3 rd week of Cycling. After one week of starting the cycle, i brought some lava rocks and a imagitarium decorative wood from petco and some Java moss from my LFS. Moss is not that green when i bought in small cup , but they promised it will thrive. I searched the forums and used SuperGlue Gel and sticked the Moss to the Tank. The Moss was bit okay at the start but from few days it is more brown. I dont see any Algae symptoms and other plants doing good ( Other tham Some Tissue cultured plants i bought at petsmart they are wilting and not sure they every grow or revive) . I have Oranic dirt, petco black sand and caribsea flora substrate. I am using Stingray 2 ( daily ON for 6 hours), Thrive, and liquid co2. I am really looking for the Java Moss to grow lush green and not at all planning for Co2 yet. Water Parameters all looks good and I yet to decide to get a KOI betta or Honey gourami or just some tetras. Please help me with Java Moss.. and any tip for the tissue culture plants (red color not in picture) bought from petsmart will be great...

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It looks beyond recovery to me.

If the moss wasn’t green when you got it, then that explains why it’s now dead.

If you want to try Java moss again, try to get a healthy batch. This stuff is normally very hardy.

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