Help! Injured Thrush

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Ben M

Formerly pest control
Jul 22, 2009
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East Yorkshire
hi, this morning we found a thrush that had flown into the side of the polytunnel. it seemed very alert, as when i picked it up it pecked and struggled quite a lot. but it doesn't seem to be able to use its legs. we put it into an old chicken run to see if it recovered, but although it is still alert, and can now use its legs a bit it can't walk, and is pulling itself along with its wings. what do you think i should do with it? should i let it go and hope it'll survive, or keep it in the chicken run and feed it? and what should i feed it? i have a very shallow bowl of water in there ATM, but it wouldn't take any worms. i have some frozen bloodworm for my fish should i try some of that? and will it need to be sheltered over night?

please help!
Leave it in the chicken run over night and see if you have a local wildlife rescue nearby that can take it. Dont bother with the RSPCA they wont come out to a wild bird.
thanks, there aren't any wildlife rescue centres near me though :( i'll see what it's like in the morning.
If it's legs are broken, chances are it'll never survive in the wild. Take it to the nearest vet and ask them if it's legs will heal, if the answer is no, put it to sleep.
Either take it to a vet or to a local wildlife centre or bird sanctuary- the bird sounds like it is in a really bad way.

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