help identifying mollies

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Aug 15, 2004
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Nottingham, England
i like to keep a webpage of all my fish,
and i got a young female molly a few months ago, it grew so much faster and bigger than he other ones i got at the same time, which were normal silver ones, and dalmatin ones, most have had fry sinse, they have several at a time (or by he time i find them there are several)
but this big one has 40-60 at a time, i just wanted to know what type of molly it is, because i have been unable to find one that looks exactly like it i have some pictures of it and its babies here

it is the mostly white/silver one, it has black and orange spots and black eyes :)
For starters, is it in what pic? U have 3 pages of different fish...but what I seen was gold fish, balloon mollies, and the last pic, look to me as a reg molly. and sail fin molly even female has a big and longer fin on it's back... not as big as the males tho...I hope u get some help from the others.
its in the first picture, the one with the tiger barb, and the black molly behind it, the other 2 pictures are of its babies, they all tend to look like her (white/cream with orange and black markings) she is much bigger than all my other mollies around 5 to 6 inches
To me it looks like a balloon molly kinda, but then it don't... I raise mollies that my fav fish. and i have every kind they carry in these parts. I have had some crosses between sail fins and lyre tails, so I really don't know what to tell u...the balloon molly is the one I don't have, don't like the way they look...but balloon mollys have short bodies. She could be just a very prggo sail fin, or a cross between a balloon molly and a reg molly. Some of my sail fin mollys r big, pepper a dalmation molly she is about 4 to 5 " long. sorry no help.
Looks to me like a balloon-sailfin cross. Or maybe just a fat sailfin? Who knows. But she's definitely got sailfin blood in her.

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