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Sep 4, 2010
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Hello I'm new to the forum & site. Looks very good indeed. Kept small tank for 4years recently have what is becoming an infestation of white algae?? in patches all over bottom of tank have had some black algae in past but this is new on me & really is becoming a problem not sure what it is or how to cure & most important how it may be affecting the fish. Have 11 gallon Tank small stock, 5 cardinals, 3 Harleqins a Rosi A sick (I think) Gourami not eating much very shy easily spooked and now spends a lot of tme fairly hidden either at bottom or top of tank, & a Golden nugget pleck. Had a few deaths a while ago of my pepper pot corys & some of the cardinals. Any advice how to solve white algae much appreciated. Have deliberstely kept stock low as I have not been happy with tank conditions for a while. I do change water 25% every few weeks occasionally 50% via vaccuuming gravel. I do check very regularly for nitrite which has been either not present or very very slight (probably due to over feeding)levesl ok for at least 6 months. Not sure if the algae could be due to over feeding in past not sure if gravel needs complete change or if something can be added have used an algae control product for black algae in past. Hope tro hear something soon.

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Jan 14, 2008
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Please help us to help you bespoke123. What we will really need to help much is a read of your tank using a liquid testing kit. Ammonia and nitrite readings will tell us where you are in cycling your new tank. Where we end up with that information is being able, or not, to advise you in what to do next. If you are too concerned by the parameters of your cycle, chances are quite good that you are unwilling to enter into our data because your source water does not fit our model. That will mean that your water is so far from our model that your own parameters mean no new parameters for our model to fit.


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