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Fish Crazy
May 7, 2004
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Medford New Jersey

O.k, here's the deal.

I started with 4 platies, 6 neons, and 2 guppies.

Well right now, I have the 2 guppies, 5 neons. and 1 platy.

So you may sit back and wonder, why are there less fish in NJ Transit21's fish tank?

Well, I have the answer. they died.

Here is the wierd part. My water is fine, though I will test it again. How do you wake up in the morning, and see healthy fish swimming around, and that night when you feed em, they are lying on the ground dead. Another factor is that they never floated at the surface. They sunk right away when they died. One Died yesterday.

There are no physical signs of anything bad. They were swimming fine and seemed healthy a few hours earlier. Also, the other fish seem perfectly fine. Though now I worry for them.

Another factor is they came from petsmart. Could that make a difference? Thanks!
How long have you had the tank cycling for?
Could something have fallen inside the water?
Could you have overfed them?

So many questions, no answers!
I know some grass fell in, but thats it. My tank cycled for a month. Overfed them? No, because they made it all night without feeding.
O.k, I figured out whats killing them.

After testing the water, the water tested positive for 2 mg/l of Nitrite. I am so screwed. I need to do constant water changes, right?

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