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Apr 26, 2003
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BC wetcoast, Canada
My avatar shows "Omelette", my betta. I was told he was a "strawberries and cream" betta, but the shop I got him from has been wrong before...
Can anyone tell me exactly which breed he is? :/ I know it's not a very good photo - sorry...

Thanks for the help!
Pufferpack said:
...Not sure of the type...but he is a Pretty Boy. :nod:
:*) Thanks, I think he is too. He certainly is unique! The only trouble is that he knows he's cute and uses it to his advantage. He likes to be "scratched" a lot LOL
:lol: :lol: ..we used to have a betta named "Jonny Bravo"...if he could talk I'm sure he would have kept saying "look at me, I'm so pretty"[insert Elvis voice] :lol: :lol:

....for all you folks across the pond, Jonny Bravo is a cartoon here in N.America who talks like Elvis and thinks he's gods gift to women. :p
LOL that's it... that show kills me... I like Sewer Urchin man... One of my favourite episodes was when El Seed built up his army of sunflowers...
You know, the writer is pretty creative. I appreciate that.

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