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Nov 6, 2009
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Hey guys.

Having recently started a fishless cycle in my 15G tank I decided I would try out some products I havent heard off before or seen in major shops (Now4Pets, Pets at Home ect.).

I just wanted to get some opinions on one product which I have used and saw almost instant results from BUT I don't know if this is because of the cycle or the product?

The product is called Bactuur. It's "live" Bacteria (always sceptical of "Live") in a gel form that you paste onto the filter. I have started to get nitrite readings in this new tank so the cycle is starting. But after placing this stuff in the tank, 6 hours later I have
0ppm Ammonia,
<0.25ppm Nitrite
2ppm Nitrate...

Which is a big change from what it was before!
2ppm Ammonia
1ppm Nitrite
0ppm Nitrate

Now is it likely that the cycle (fishless) after two weeks could do this? Or is this an actual bacterial product that WORKS?! :hyper:


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Jan 14, 2008
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Forsyth, Illinois, USA
You have a small move in the right direction AquaBaz. At 2 weeks, you could well have ammonia processing bacteria in a near cycled state but the same is rarely true for the nitrite processors that early in the game. Why don't we give it a few days and see if it progresses like it is cycled or if it progresses as if it contained some kind of chemical mix instead. The cycle that we try to establish in our filters is far from the only way of manipulating the water chemistry. It is just the only fairly reliable long term way to do it.

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