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Guy93 - December 2020 Fish of the Month Winner (all species)

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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
December 2020
Fish of the Month Contest
We had 7 interesting fish entered in the FOTM contest but only one could win
And the winner is..:band:

Let's all congratulate him with his
Sailfin Pleco

Here is the winning picture and description
This is flopper he’s a sailfin pleco
Around 11 inches long
Lives in a 5ft 500l tank with some cichlids and corys .. he is my longest owned fish not sure of the age as he was a rescue, second photo dark as he’s really hard to get in a photo
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Congrats go out to @Guyb93 with his winning Sailfin Pleco named Flopper. Nice photo of a great looking fish.

Coming in 2nd place is @ITViking with his awesome L128 Blue Phantom Pleco. Nice looking pleco!

Tieing for third place are @NCaquatics with her Hoplo and @L&K with his Texas Electric Blue Cichlid. Both are very interesting looking fish.

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Lovely pleco! Well deserved win, hes very handsome!
Thanks everyone, can’t believe he actually won lol
You won with a combination of an awesome looking fish and your great picture taking skills.

Starting up on January 1st will be our Tank of the Month contest. For January’s contest, we will feature tanks sized at 17 to 30 gallons. Get your tanks ready for the contest.
Congratulations! That's a really cool pleco. :)

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