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Sep 23, 2013
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The winner of Tropical Fish Forums' April Tank of the Month contest is....


She will soon have a neat "tank of the month winner" banner in her profile area

check out her winning entry and tank description below... and leave a congratulatory post if you wish...


My tanks not reached the end target yet, but I’ll enter anyway.

This is my 10 gallon guppy tank it’s been set up for 3 months. The tank has an overhead light, that changes to blue for night time view. Stays on for around 8-10 hours per day.

Tank dimensions - 51.3 x 26 x 32.8cm (L x W x H)

They wouldn’t keep still for this photograph, apologies!

Water parameters

Nitrates: 10
Nitrites: 0
Ammonia: 0
PH: 7.2
GH: 11
KH: 7.2
Cl2: 0
Temperature: 78F

Tank maintenance

50/75% weekly water changes including gravel vaccum


Fluval U1
Media is cleaned every 2 weeks

Live stock

5 male guppies

Feeding schedules

Once daily - mainly flakes and dried blood worms every so often

Live Plants

Echinodorus Bleheri x 4
Echinodorus Harbii


Aquarium gravel

Future plans

Awaiting replacement delivery of a digital heater that’s fully submersible (hence the current low water line)

Add another few guppies

To add another box of sparkly/glitter aquarium gravel tonight #guilty.

I’ve made sure this hasn’t reflected on the light in the photo.
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Congrats on your win with a great looking tank.

For those who didn't win, fine tune your tank and enter again in a future month to show off your improvements.

The next contest will start at the beginning of May. Look for the banner at the top of our forums. You can't win if you don't enter. So consider entering your tank in Tropical Fish Forums' Tank of the Month contest.
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Congratulations on the win! Where is guppylover3x’s tank of the month banner? It appears the users name was also spelt incorrectly in both TOTM posts. I can’t wait to see next months entries!
Dascrow will soon apply the TOTM winner banner.

spelling of name has been corrected
A big thank you to the moderators to for taking the time to update my profile. I feel honoured.

Thank you to all those who voted for me. I hope other contestants that entered - re-enter next month. There was some great looking tanks!

I am confident the TOTM contest will continue to grow over the months.

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Your tank is crying out for one of these fairy ornaments...
fairy ornament.jpg
Your tank is crying out for one of these fairy ornaments...
View attachment 91099
LOL this made my day! :thanks:

I must say they are quite cute though, I wouldn’t mind adding tinker bell into my tank any day. I’ll have to look into purchasing one of these!

What can I say... I’m a big kid at heart!
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I saw them available on ebay...scroll through the ad toward the bottom to see closeups and sizes....you could put one in the tank and a couple somewhere on top of the tank or on the edges...you might find cheaper elsewhere...saw on alibaba also

Awww their so cute! They look even better on the link you provide! I’ll definitely look into purchasing one, you’ve officially convinced me after forwarding the link.

Who can say no to a little bit of Disney?

Thank you!! :)

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