Green Spotted Puffer - tetraodon nigroviridis


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Aug 22, 2017
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Dear All

As an initial matter, I apologize ahead of time for not saying the usual hellos. I never post on forums, just lurk and read. So your understanding is appreciated.

My friends knew I love puffers, and got me a bunch of these adorable little guys as a gift and a joke (the sheer volume was the joke) this past weekend. They apparently didn't understand the limits to a 125g tank. I have about 20 of these adorable little guys for sale, currently housed in a 125 g with ~150 (sump and extra tank) of water at 1.010sg. They are looking healthy. I've been feeding them asian shore crabs for the teeth and frozen krill. They are about 1.5 to 2 inches. I'm asking $7.50 for each, discount if you buy more. I'm located in Nassau County NY. Please pm me for details. I can most likely deliver within the 5 boroughs of NY without charge (unless toll applies). I can also ship them, but it probably won't be cost for ya.

Please take these guys off my hands so they can be housed in a volume appropriate tank and live out their full life (10+ years based on my research!).


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