Gourami - Open Wounds - Now With Pics

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You are already using the best med, i would keep an eye on water stats as it will wipe the bacterial colony out.

Manufacturer: Aquatronics
A broad-spectrum antibiotic used in the treatment of gram-positive and some gram-negative bacterial infections. For infections of fin and tail rot, frayed fins, popeye, inflamed gills, mouth and body open sores/ulcers, livebearer disease, dropsy, Columnaris, and secondary infections such as fungal. Specific for livebearers and goldfish. Aerate the aquarium well when using. Useful for the control of some common bacterial diseases, including Aeromonias and Pseudomonas Genera and the Mysobacterial group.
Thanks again Wilder. Where do you find your info so quickly?

His sore's a a little bigger today, but he still has his appetite. The tetracycline I have is from quarium science, not aquatronics, but I suspect it's probably the same. This is the only thing I could find without going to a vet.
It's active ingredient is 375 mg tetracycline hydrochloride.

Anyway, will see how the gourami goes. He seems like his normal self except for the wounds.
Nearly 3 years concentrating on the health side of fish, and still no where there yet. :lol:
Another update: secondary infecton (White fluffiness) is gone today, but he has developed finrot, and can't maintain balance properl. Is resting head down in the water. I think his time is nearly over. :(

He has been fighting this now for 5 days, so he's a tough little bugger.
Sadly once bacterial infections mount up that's it i''m afraid, sorry, you have tryed to save the fish, but it's to late sorry.
Has the pH returned to normal? If not, this would be working against you. :/
After water change, ph has returned to normal.

His swimming has stabilised again, but the wounds don't appear to be getting better. They are bigger than those first pics, but he still is active, and eats well. They haven't gotten any bigger in the last 2 days though.

I'm hoping this is a good sign that he might be getting through this - not holding my breath though.
Fingers crossed bless him, good luck.
A local vet has suggested something called Bottril (SP?) I can't find anything on it, but I am also not sure of the spelling.

Anyway, he has suggested using it as a 4-5 hour bath for the affected fish (only the gourami at this stage) incase the bacteria are tertracycline immune.

Anyone know what this stuff is?
Ok, so it's spelt Baytril and is a general purpose antibiotic. He suggested I use this in case the bacteria is immune to the tetracycilne.

Anyway, he's in a bath of 0.1ml Baytril in 1L of water, and will be that way for 5 hour a day for 7 days.

Here's a pic today. You can see the two large spots in his side and at the base of his fin. He also has a small spot at the base of his tail. His tail has split from this point.

I hope he pulls through this now as the Baytril cost me $30 for about 2 ml.

Never heard of it, but you can use other antibiotics for baths as well.
Or sorry, bless him, well you did your best for him, R.I.P.

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