Freshwater protein skimmer

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Fish Crazy
Jun 24, 2004
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I heard a while ago about the development of a protein skimmer for freshwater aquaria, and am wondering if anyone knew of any recent developments (i.e. has it been tested)? Also just out of interest does anyone know why normal protein skimmers dont work on a freshwater tank?
The bubbles created in freshwater are to large for the skimmer to work properly, in saltwater due to the mineral density the bubbles produced are much finer so when they break on the surface they create a foam, it is this foam that lifts proteins from the water and deposits them in the collection cup.

Freshwater skimmers work via a venturi type aerator rather than a wooden air deffuser, they have been reported to work very well but are still too expensive for the average fish keeper to buy though several companies are now working on cheaper models.

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