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Fishnturt808 - October 2021 Fish of the Month Winner (Bettas)

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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
October 2021 Fish
of the Month Contest
We had 7 beautiful Bettas entered in this month's FOTM contest but only one could win...

And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's their winning Betta and its description
This is my newest and most fancy addition to my fishy friends. Bernie.
I only recently got him on a trip to Petco for dog food. He is technically my girlfriend’s fish, but I am responsible for feeding and tank maintenance. She picked him out and named him, I got to keep the 10 gallon tank. Win-win.
He is a halfmoon double tail. I’ve had him about 2.5 weeks now, so he’s still getting used to his surroundings and growing into his personality.
He has some harlequin rasbora for tank mates, as well as a very juvenile albino bnp. (Yes they all have larger tanks waiting for them to be too big for bernie’s tank)
Tank is filtered by an aquaclear 30 as well as a small-medium sponge filter.
Bernie has some plants to cruise around in as well as driftwood, lavarock, and the little round caves you see behind him.
His diet is a mix of pellets, flakes, frozen and freeze dried snacks.
Congrats to Fishnurt808 with your super nice Betta named Bernie. Great pic and great Betta! You will soon receive a banner in your profile area signifying your win and you will be added to our Wall of Fame.

Coming in a close second place is Salt with their gorgeous Platinum Betta named Bernie. Great looking Betta!
And coming in third place is WhistlingBadger with his Betta Imbellis. Nice Betta.
Thanks to all who participated in this Fish of the Month contest.
We are now accepting entries in our Tank of the Month contest. For November we are featuring tanks sized at 31 gallons and larger. If you have a tank of that size, consider entering it in the contest. Link is below:
Congrats! 🥳 what a beauty!

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