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FishNturt808 - June 2022 Fish of the Month Winner (Bettas)

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Sep 23, 2013
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We have a winner in Fishforums.net
June 2022 Fish
of the Month Contest
We had 10 awesome Bettas entered in this month's FOTM contest but only one could win...
And the winner is.......
Let's all congratulate them
Here's their winning entry and its description

This is my 2nd betta, ‘Swim Shady’. He is the only fish allowed in the house. Mainly because his tank is small enough if it happens to spring a leak it won’t be too messy. He is in a 5 gallon fluval ‘chi’ fish tank. It’s all his besides a little horned nerite, and larger gold mystery snail (and however many mts that hitched a ride on the sword plant). I’ve had him since the beginning of April. I got him from Petco (I know not the best, but limited options). He was marked as a mermaid, but from what I’ve looked up online he is most likely a mustard betta, don’t know the exact tail/fin type. But it really doesn’t matter to me, I like him and so does the girlfriend (which is the opinion that matters the most 😁)

Tank gets cleaned once a week, about 75% new water each time. Not to mention all the top offs in-between since my cat likes to drink from the fountain style filter output.

He gets fed a mix of pellets, flakes, and frozen bloodworms as an occasional snack.

He is definitely the most active betta I’ve ever seen. Always swimming all over his little space. Happy as can be, as far as I can tell. Hope you find him as attractive as I do. 🤙🏽
Congrats man!
Congrats to @FishNturt808 with your super nice Betta. Great fish and great pic!
Coming in second place is @Jitsz with their bright blue half moon Betta. Beautiful fish.
And coming in 3rd place is @DragonScales+Doubletails with their great looking blue Betta which he saved from being euthanized by his LFS. Great fish and awesome backstory.

Thanks go out to everyone who participated in this month’s FOTM contest.

Right now, we are accepting entries for our Tank of the Month contest which features tanks sized at 17 to 30 US gallons. Click link below to view the entry thread. If you have a tank of that size, we hope you enter it into the contest.
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