Fishing In Michigan

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Aug 13, 2013
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oscoda trip2.jpg
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Anyone ever in my neck of the woods, stop in for some moonshine, we'll make up lies and toss some flies....
Those trees are really colorful! What part of Michigan is that? I live in Michigan.
Thanks for the comments!
Top two are the Au Sable river near Oscoda MI. I'll be heading there soon for Salmon and Steelhead.
 #3 is my pops place on Lake McKeen near Lapeer MI. Thats where I keep one of my boats and it has the biggest bluegill of any lake I've been too.
 #4 is from Stony Creek Metro Park near Shelby MI. That Heron followed me around for weeks, as I kept tossing him small fish every now and then.
The last one is from Silver Creek Pond in the Upper Pennisula. Every spring a whole bunch of us go up there for the Trout season opener and camp for the week.
Just a few of the places I frequent in my adventures. Stony is pretty much my home waters, as its right up the road. But its a pretty popular place and I hate crowds.
Here is Lake St. Clair in Febuary. I walked two miles out and got this shot.
Thats the only shot I have of one of the proper Great Lakes, as I usually find myself in the back woods areas.
Wanna go fishn az?

I would if I were older and had a job and license! :p
I love fishing!
Have your folks bring you out to the free fishing weekends (mid june) in Auburn Hills next year, everyone can fish then. I got a spot where its rainbows and brown trout EVERY cast.
Rochester Hills-20130614-00241.jpgE41A0224.jpg
LOL!! Been wondering how some of my fish recipes would be recieved on these forums, if I was to put them in the cooking section. I got one I call "Trout on a Stick"  :) :)

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