Fish Of The Month - December 2010

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Ludwig Venter

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Jun 7, 2008
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I am extremely pleased with the launching "episode" of this competition.... Voting is currently underway for the November competition, so make sure you vote as well.

Entries for the December 2010 FOTM may be posted in this thread. Please read the rules at the top of this section before you enter and remember, your entry must be accompanied by a verification photo to be valid.

Thanks to all who participate.... good luck & let's see those fish photos!!

Entries for the December 2010 FOTM competition will close on 13th December 2010, when voting will start.
ill start the december one off with Keith my oscar.

ill get a photo to prove he is mine up soon :good:
here is my photo to prove Keith is mine. not as good as the entered pic im affraid, i just got lucky with that shot :lol:
Thanks for opening for us Matt... I have admired your sig Oscar for a long time and I must say.... That is as good as they get!..... the best specimen I have yet seen.
Yeah way to get us started.. I'm gonna need to get a good picture of my best fish on its best day to compete!!
my blue cobalt discus. as for verification im afraid my camera is bust but see my avatar and numerous threads in both pics and new world section. plus several members can vouch , so ludwig il leave validity of my entry to your discretion .

a couple more pics of it just for good measure .

I can vouch for Mark the discus being his, seen many many pics of it :good:

I would love to enter again but I cant do the varification pic my friends camera I sometimes borrow is broke, (so she has told me I think she is sick of me borrowing it :lol: ) Unless Minxy visits again soon, :hey:
Pictures dont do him justice, I saw him in the flesh and he is mind blowing. Trouble is its made me realise a little how potentially big Chops could get, and thats scary :lol:

Hope your entry is accepted Mark, good luck :good:
Just your luck, it is National "be nice to Mark" week here in SA..... Validation is exclusively about proving that the fish belongs to you, and in my discretion, you've done enough - I am satisfied.....(and understand your predicament) I'll accept your entry..... (you wouldn't lie, would you)??...... at least the fish has an honest face.
:thumbs: Yay

Let me know when its be nice to Star week so I can put one of my pics in :lol:
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