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Fish Crazy
Feb 27, 2022
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Gary's pal Oliver speaks about a few species while these guys are in the background, probably he mentions them but I couldn't catch it.

They are one of the Boraras species, he doesn't mention which one in the video he just says Boraras. The ones in the video don't look like chili rasboras (B. brigittae), the one most often seen in stores. Possibly B. merah?
It looks to me like Bororas maculatus, which is identified in the video at 1:32. Plus I know he had them because I bought some....
How did I miss that :blush:
But they don't look the the maculatus I had several years ago - was that yet another case of fish store mislabelling?
They’re also at 2:30. They look like merah to me, but I doubt Oliver Lucanus would get it wrong.
Those are the Rasboras merah (also known as chili rasbora). Merah means red in Indonesian and Malay, btw.
I have a terrible time with merah and maculatus - I assume the ID had geographic location info. Sometimes colour patterns are variable from capture place to capture place, and all you can go on is where they're from.
I gave the ones I got to a friend with pet store chili rasbora (B mera) and she said the 2 fish were distinctly different. Then again, the film could be from a different batch - I bought a bunch not long after that film, but wholesalers turn over a lot of fish.
The common name chili rasbora is usually B. brigittae in the UK.
The common name chili rasbora is usually B. brigittae in the UK.
Overhere, the name "chili" is related to the word "red". Which is also in the name "Rasboras merah". But it's a bit unclear. For I also know that "chili rasbora" is also used for Boraras brigittae.
B. brigittae ( or at least the ones I have seen in shop tanks) are red, so the word 'chili' apples to them as well.

That's the problem with common names, shops use the same common name for different fish; and they use different common names for the same fish.

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