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Apr 3, 2016
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Hi , i bought a pair of fish from a local pet shop and not able to identify for which family do they belong! The local pet shop guy told me its a skate fish and i started searching the web and ended up with no proper information . so can any one please tell me the fish id ?


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You've misheard; they're scats, Scatophagus argus, not skates :)
They can grow up to 15"/40 cms, so you're going to need a very large tank for them. They might also need brackish water, but I'm not 100% sure about that.
For the future, you should never buy fish unless you know what they are. How will you know you can look after them properly?
Thank you Fluttermoth:) yeah probably i have misheard the name but  since from one week i m very much scared these scats are not even eating a single pellet ,i m trying to feed cichlid pellets and tried dry shrimps too, but no success but they hide behind the filter.
these scats  are with other tank mates like 3 parrot fish,3 green terror, 2 red fierce tiger oscar and 2 koi (all these fishes are baby fishes they are around 3 to 5 inches). Are these fellows are perfect tank mates for these scats??
My tank is 3.5ft (L) x1.5ft(b) x 2ft(H) which is an 80+ gallon tank.Koi's are growing very fast.
I'm afraid you do have a bad mixture of fish :(
The koi need a pond, as soon as possible, or they won't grow properly. Koi should not be kept in tanks.
The oscars and the green terrors are far too aggressive to live with the scats, which are quite peaceful and are going to get bullied.
The parrot fish, oscars and green terrors are all aggressive cichlids, and your tank is not going to be big enough for them all to have a decent territory, so they're going to start fighting as they get bigger and run out of space.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news :/
My grandmother has a koi pond, and her koi are at least 1 1/2 feet long.
thanks for your suggestion @fluttermoth :) well very soon i ll separate both koi  and scats. Hope these chichlids well get enough room to swim around. Till date these cichlids are leaving peacefully and not fighting against any one:)  can i leave new fishes that belongs to  cichlid family or should i stop ?
supreeth said:
Till date these cichlids are leaving peacefully and not fighting against any one:)
That's because they're babies. When they mature, and start thinking about mating and holding a territory, it'll be a different story.
can i leave new fishes that belongs to  cichlid family or should i stop ?
Please don't add any more cichlids. Just because fish come the same family ('tetras', 'loaches', 'cichlids') does NOT mean they will get on! Most cichlids are fairly aggressive, and your tank, although a good size from a water volume perspective, is very short at 3.5'., and that's not enough for the weaker fish to get away from the stronger ones.
fluttermoth. i ll find a way to separate these fellows or i ll sell it back to pet shop and make some room for them to stay happily !
Good luck
it's much nicer to have few happy fish than lots of unhappy, sick ones!

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