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Fish Crazy
Feb 6, 2003
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Leamington Spa, UK
Ok, CFC has handed over to me for the next round. For all you newbies and those that can't remember, here are the rules.

The person who starts the game (the game master) thinks of a fish and posts a small clue as to the type of fish it is. After 3 guesses you may post a new clue.
2. No one is allowed to ask 2 questions in a row. Once you have asked a question you can not ask another question until someone else has asked a question.
3.You may make a guess, but you cannot make 2 guesses in a row either.
4. The game master should only answer the questions with yes or no.
5. Fish can be freshwater, brackish or marine and must be available at some of the local fish stores.
5(a.) All fish should be posted in common and/or latin name if possible. ( If the fish has too many common names.)
6. The person who correctly guesses the fish is the game master for the next game and should start it in a new thread with a new game number, and rules.

Small = under 4 inches.
Medium = under 10 inches.
Large = over 10 inches.

Clue 1: I come from South America
Are you known as a algea eater?
Are you expensive (over £10).. I'm thinking its an ornamental type of pleco which doesn't grow too big ;)

William :lol: :lol: Thought about it but decided zebra plec was a bit too easy :lol:

Clue 2: I'm a big eater and I'm not fussy what I have

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