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fire eel tank size.

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Jul 28, 2022
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I am curious about the true tank size of a fire eel
I have heard that 75 is ok form some sites and 600 or more is needed was claimed by other sites.
As far as size I have heard between 20 and 40 inches

If you haven't kept on or know some one who has kept one and are just quoting books pls don't reply.
I read every book i could get with mixed results.
how long would a fire eel be good in a 55.
What unit of measurement are you working in here?
I’d just pass on them tbh I’ve seen them as big as my arm in a six foot tank and it just looked miserable! Could hardly move. There is a YouTube channel that has it as the mascot in a swimming pool size tank but I can’t remember which one.
One of the pet shops I visit has a fire eel in a 4x2x2ft tank. They have had the eel for 20+ years and it's about 30 inches long. It might get bigger in a bigger tank.

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