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Dec 8, 2023
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Athens, GA

Pic 1: Fashioned a better Pothos holder from some eggcrate. I have it taped atm, but it could float if I wanted it to. Only downside is then it sits lower and you can see the ugly eggcrate more easily.
Pic 2: Rubber-banded some sponges to the filter output, breaking up the waterfall so that it won’t catapult the floaters around.
Beware, as when the foam fills with matter, it will back up the filter and you'll get an overflow water change onto the floor. Don't ask me how I know this.

I love fiddling with aquarium things and inventing things that sometimes work. I made some undergravel filters a few weeks ago, to solve the problem of filtration in shallow tanks. They seem to work. Many other other apparently clever (to me) projects didn't.

I have homemade what I call spit filters, a variation on box and sponge filtration, all kinds of plant root holders, fry cover, breeding devices. If you want to be an inventor of things of no benefit to humanity, this is the hobby to be in!

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