Exchange Loxozonus Cory's (2 Months Old) For Other Cory's


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Jan 12, 2011
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North Staffs
Item/s Offered:  Corydoras Loxozonus Juvenilles.
Condition: New ! lol
Item/s Required: Other Cory's
Condition: Also NEW ish
Picture/s or Link/s to Item/s
Biddulph North Staffs
I have 20+ Loxozonus Cory Fry that will be ready for "Trade" in a month or so.
Bred by myself from wild parents and in excellent contition.
Looking for other Cory breeds, but no Bronze/Albino/Peppered/Schwartzi/Loxozonus.
1 for 1 or, depending on the fish you have, X for Z.  Let me know.
Prefer Juvenilles, but not bothered as long as they are not 15 years old etc.
May also exchange for equipment etc. Make me an offer

Would prefer collection, but I can drive to you if you are close :D
Please note that they will not be ready for about 4-6 weeks.

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