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Elephant nose 4 June 2019 Fishforums Fish of the Month WINNER!

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Hi to keep 1 the tank should be around 50 gallons, I kept mine on his own for a long time as he would attack everything that I put in with him. So I upgraded his tank and tried more elephant noses and it was the best thing I did for him. They are definitely species only tanks and love their own kind, the only other thing's in his tank is amano shrimp and rabbit snails.
You have such a unique fish and your win was well deserved. Congratulations! :drinks::fish:
Elephant nose 4 ..you will soon be awarded a FOTM winner banner in your profile area.
I thought only TOTM banners where rewarded! ????
Winner banner is now awarded for three contests: fish of the month, tank of the month, and pet of the month!
reminder: for those who didnt win or didn't enter the fish of the month contest this month, consider entering in our next fotm contest around August 15th (every two months).

In just a few days we start up fishforumsโ€™ Tank of the Month contest. Get a good pic or a youtube video of your tank ready to enter. Entry period starts around July 1st and is open for 6 or 7 days.
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