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Dwarf Blue Gourami

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Jan 8, 2017
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Quick Aquarium Care

Family: Osphronemidae
Scientific Name: Trichogaster lalius
Origin: Farm Raised, Malaysia
Aquarist Experience Level: Beginner
Temperament: Peaceful
Same species - conspecifics: It鈥檚 generally not a good idea to keep together unless breeding or in a very large tank that is heavily planted.
Size of fish : 4 - 8 cm
Colour Form: Blue, Clear
Lifespan: 4 years - with proper care they could live as much as 7 years.
Water Region: All - Particularly in the middle and top portions of the aquarium
Social Grouping: Groups - In nature this species lives with other peaceful species.
Plants: Safe
Minimum Tank Size: 38 L
Temperature: 22.2 to 27.8掳 C
Water Changes: Weekly - Weekly water changes of 25% are recommended.
Diet Type: Omnivore
Flake Food: Yes
Live foods : Some of Diet
Vegetable Food: Some of Diet
Meaty Food: Some of Diet
Tablet / Pellet: Yes
Feeding Frequency: Daily - Generally feed once or twice a day.
Substrate Type: Any
Lighing Needs: Moderate - normal lighting
Aquarium Hardiness: Very Hardy
Breeding Temperature: 26 - 29掳
Range ph: 6.0-8.0
Hardness Range: 5 - 18 dGH
Water Movement: Weak
Peaceful fish : Safe - They do well with other small peaceful fish.
Semi-Aggressive : Threat
Aggressive : Threat
Large Semi-Aggressive : Threat
Large Aggressive, Predatory : Threat
Slow Swimmers & Eaters : Monitor - Gouramis can be quick at feeding time. Make sure any fish that are not so quick get fed if you are keeping them with gouramis.
Shrimps, Crabs, Snails: Safe - not aggressive
Ease of Breeding: Moderate
Suitable for Nano Tank: Yes


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