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how many days did it take to receive the fish? The safest bet for shipping fish is overnight. What state did the fish come from?
Came from New Jersey in 3 days. He’s coming around but has fin rot and was very lethargic with poor coloring. Beginning to swim around and eat but shouldn’t have sent a fish with such fin rot. The dorsal fin is half gone and ventral fin poor too. I can save him but shouldn’t have to do this. Poor guy. Another rehab case. Lol! I have 2 in rehab right now. Seller told me it was because he was one of the last ones. Then don’t send it!
3 days is a long time for a fish to be jostled around in a small bag. How long was shipping supposed to take? And temperature changes can be drastic for 3 days of shipping time. Overnight shipping is best for fish but is very very expensive. Some live fish sellers won't ship except by overnight such as Liveaquaria.
was the fish shipped with a heat pack? 3 days is a long time for shipping a fish. Did it come in an insulated styrofoam box? I did note that the seller has a 99.5 % approval rating with over 2000 sales.
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It came packed well with heat. I’ve never had a problem with 3 day shipping before and I get a lot or my fish shipped. :dunno:

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