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Dobbies Garden Centre, Stirling


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Nov 20, 2011
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I am a huge fan of this store. I have been using them for 2 years now, there is a huge selection of fish and if there is a specific one you are after-they can order it in. 
Staff:- one of the staff members is pretty knowledgeable. He wont let me take anything that is incompatible (I really wanted the dwarf puffers but he wouldn't let me have them as they are vicious!)  The biggest thing is if you make a suggestion they listen. 
Stock- huge variety of tropical, coldwater and marine. I love seahorses! Tanks are clean, fish are active and healthy and I have never seen a dead fish yet. 
They have the common ones like swordtails, platies guppies. They also have amica splendens, discus, large angels. Sometimes they also have L number plecs. 
Lots of different plants, bunched-cabomba, vallis, amazon swords, potted plants, crypts, anubias and a huge range of woods too.
Huge range of medications and foods. No live foods but good range of frozen. 
Prices-I find dobbies to be quite expensive. £3.99 each for peppered cories, £4.99 for julliis,  £7 for pandas but saying that, they usually have the more rare ones. 
Wood starting from £9 for a small. 
Overall would definitely recommend them, prices a bit steep but clean, active and healthy. Never had a fish die from there either. 
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