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Do you have Cichlids?

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Do you have freshwater Cichlids? Whether South American, African, Angelfish or other types, we hope you enter one of them in the upcoming Fish of the Month contest. Freshwater Angelfish are cichlids so they are eligible. In just 5 days, we will start accepting entries for the FOTM contest. So if you have Cichlids, take a picture of one of them and be ready to enter the contest.

You will see a banner at the top of the forums once we start accepting entries. Click on that banner to go to the entry thread. Read all rules in the entry thread before entering your Cichlid.

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If you have Cichlids and might enter the contest, post a response here. FOTM contest will start in about 4 days. Your entry should be posted in the upcoming entry thread.
I have the follow cichilds:
festum (wc)
gold dust geo
a. sp winklefleck (wc)
a. cockatoo (wc)
a. d50 (wc)
l. thayeri (one is super nice looking with gold around the black stripe) (wc)
l. curviceps
l. Araguaiae (wc)
royal discus (wc)
b. cupido (wc)
a. pucallpaensis (wc)
a. bitaeniata (wc)
I know i forgot someone; who did i forget - i just know i forgot someone?

When will we have a plant contest - i want to show off more plants !

Which one is this one ?
We have 3 contests at the moment. We do not plan to have a plant contest. You can show off your plants when you enter the Tank of the Month contest.

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