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Nov 16, 2006
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Rochdale, Lancs, UK
My new setup, which is a 120L, has been running for about a week, there are no fish i the tank yet i have started noticing a thin what seems like an oiley layer sitting on top of the water, it is like a thin membrane, bubbles are trapped underneath this and arent rising to the top, when i break this membrane there are lots of white bits start floating around the tank, i have done 2 75% changes and there is still no difference.

Any help or advice would be appreciated here, at this rate i am never gonna get my fish in their new home before christmas. I have never come across this before

The pictures dont seem to show it very well, but you can see the bubbles that are unable to get through.





Is your filter on?
There doesnt seem to be much happening movement wise. Are you going to do a fishless cycle on it? If so then you need to add a source of ammonia and get yourself test kits for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ph.
If the filter is on then you may need something at the other end such as a bubbler or a small filter to keep the surface agitated.
maybe turn your outlet so its pointing up to the top, see if that helps any.
I know that the pumps on juwels arent that great so you may need to upgrade that or get another filter anyway. Maybe a fluval 2+ would be a good investment as it will give lots of bubbles if near the surface.
Just turned the outlet so it is facing up, and to be honest it is pumping out quite powerful, will give it an hour and see if that improves things any.

I am looking at getting a small air pump so there is a better source of oxygen in theredidnt want to put any fish in, while that film was there gonna do water tests tomorrow, if they are ok i am hoping to drop a couple of guppies in to get it going, or would a couple of neons be better.
or even rainbow fish tetras have a tendancy to die from ym experience

Erm i am a bit confused by this comment, i want to know what will stay alive not what will die lol.

On a serious note though In my current tank i have Guppies, neon Tets, Cardinal Tets, and Rummy nose, of these which would be the best option to put in the tank to get the new tank started, and how long before i add more? (after reading this it doesnt really make much sense but i am sure someone will understand me lol)
If you dont want to do a fishless cycle then you can use the guppies. i used 4 to start one of my tanks off and remember to use test kits for ammonia and nitrite to keep an eye on things.
As you already have a tank going can you not use some sponge from that to help kick start your new one?
Would clown loach be ok to add, my mrs has her heart set on some, i was think of getting 4/5 once the tank is running, or are they hardy enough to add now ?
Clown loaches are really susceptible to ich and in a new set up may not do too well.
They also grow really big even though they are slow growers. If you plan on putting them in a bigger tank then maybe 3 or 4 in a few months time. Have a look at the fish profiles and take a look at size and requirements.
We had a film like that on our 10 gallon for a bit. Doing regular water chagnes won't help since its on your surface.

Here's what I did:

1. Get a small bowl, like the size a betta comes in.

2. Holding the bowl upright, dip it straight in to the water, until water overflows from the surface into the bowl.

3. Empty into toilet and repeat.
Or you could use kitchen paper to quickly sit on the surface to mop it off.
I have that tank. If you turn the thing up it just streatches the water. It dosent brake it. I had to add an extra powerhead

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