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Jan 5, 2023
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Hi guys,

I have recently got two new display tanks ( to show off my breeding fish ) . I would also like to add some new varieties that I could also breed .

I have a 55 litre tank which I have started stocking with - a selection of 12 rice fish & 1 juvenile bristle-nose pleco .

I also have a 40 litre tank that I haven’t cycled but I need to decide what species to add to decide the set up . I would like to add a group of 6 daisy rice fish (they prefer warmer water to the other rice fish) .

I could add one of the varieties of corys I breed (peppered, panda, leopard or Pygmy’s) although my friend has some really great long-fin bronze corys I keep admiring - so I could go for them ?

New species I am considering-
- trio of swordtails
- trio of high quality fancy guppies

I have wanted Betta Imbellis for a long time some near me have come up for sale ? Should I add them (a pair ) to my 40 litre they are meant to be peaceful ? Will they be okay with my other fish . I will remove them to a breeding tank to reduce breeding aggression?

Suggestions to other fish to add welcome

Any suggestions I want these tanks to be special but I am having a hard time picking 🙈

Hello. A display tank of Giant Danios is nice. That's what I have. Here's a picture.

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What size are the display tanks? I assume they are in addition to the 55 and 40 litre tanks?
What size are the display tanks? I assume they are in addition to the 55 and 40 litre tanks?
They are the display tanks . I already have one much larger in the dining room . That’s well stocked but the other two I have got. to show some of the fish I breed in my office upstairs.

If I added more species I still have room in the fish room to raise more fry, I have breeding tanks for adult pairs and isolation tanks too
Thank for that, I wasn't sure.
In that case, giant danios are a definite no, not in 55 and 40 litre tanks.

I would say the 55 litre (14 gallon) is fully stocked with the rice fish and bristlenose. You may get away with one of the smaller cories as well, provided the tank has a sand substrate and the water is soft.

40 litres (10.5 gallons) is too small for daisy's rice fish in my opinion. I've kept them in a 107 cm long tank and they used every cm of that length.
It is also too small for swordtails but is OK for a trio of guppies - if the water is middling to hard.

You have not mentioned the hardness of your water. Of the fish you have mentioned, swordtails and guppies are hard water fish while betta imbellis is soft water. Before suggesting any fish, we do need to know the hardness of your water. Your water company's website should have your hardness, usually in the same section as your water quality report. Look for a number and the unit of measurement (there are several) rather than some vague words. If you can't find the page, tell us the name of the water company.
Agreed. The tanks are too small for the number of fish you are contemplating putting in there. Especially with the idea of breeding, which by definition means you are increasing the numbers. Small tanks are best used for small numbers of small fish.

Also, I second the concern over the water hardness. Very important to stock fish that can handle the water you have. I made that mistake when I first got into this hobby and had to give away the fish to someone who had the right water hardness.

It's good that you are on here asking important questions before getting new fish! Your tanks will be happier places for your fish to live because you are being smart. :)

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