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Nov 21, 2009
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Can anyone help me with suggestions about my poor Orange Blood Cichlid? We had a power outage while I was away and when I found him he was dead on the bottom of the tank. I put him in warm water and bubbles and he came back to life. He's in a smaller tank (easier to heat with a generator) but his gills and belly are sort of white or at least. I added salt as a "general elixir" and I added ich medicine. Is that all I can do?
i really dont know, but maybe you should move this to the emergency section, you might get a answer a bit quicker
Don't add meds like ich treatment if you don't know/strongly suspect he has ich, it will not help the situation. He doesn't have an illness, so unless I am very mistaken medications won't help him. Maybe something like stress zyme, but that's not exactly a medication. He probably needs very clean, warm water and quiet. Some aquarium salt might help stave off secondary infection from his weakness, but I don't know how much is safe. What size is the tank, and what is the temperature?

I can't give any advice other than that since I have no experience with chichlids and I'm not familiar with the conditions they need. I do hope he pulls through, though.
Sorry, cant say! I havn't kept cichlids before.

I agree Nightfall. Let's hope he gets better soon though!
I'm happy to say he made a full recovery. He's eating fine and acting like his old self.
I love happy endings :D

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