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Dead Apisto

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Electric Warrior

Apr 29, 2012
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HI, so I had a trio of apisto cacs, that I have had in my tank since the beginning. There is one dominant female that spawns every other week, and I had another female that I found dead this evening. It seems that I saw her die right in front of me, as I was looking in the tank for the male, I finally saw him in the back corner near the bottom, and then I saw her sort of on her side. I thought that maybe they were spawning since this is often how they do it, but she just sort of did a slight roll and just fell on the sand lifeless, and that was it.

First of all, I don't think that the male killed her, as I have never seen him be aggressive with her, but I only know of them spawning once, and those eggs were infertile. I never saw them spawn again, but he does with the other female all of the time. The one who has now died has not been doing too well for quite some time. She used to get bullied by the other female a lot, and like I was saying the male never seemed to want to breed with her again, although I did see her trying, even up until last week. For the last few months, she has just retreated into the large patch of vallis on the back corner, and hardly ever came out. I think that she starved to death because I couldn't even get her to eat, she just stayed in the plants at almost every feeding. I tried dropping some food to the part of the tank where she was, but I just don't think she ever ate it. She was obviously very shy and/or stressed and just didn't want to eat. Water stats are completely fine.

Should I buy another couple of females, or just leave the pair only as they are? I know that apisto cacs are usually kept in harems or trios, but will it be fine to just leave them as a pair?
Sorry for your loss. It sounds like your dominant female is a bit of a bully, personally I would leave them as just a pair.
Okay, I think I will do. I feel pretty bad. I was kinda hoping that maybe she was coming out and scavenging for food after the lights were going out, but I guess not. Sometimes, I wouldn't even see her for several days at a time. I kind of feel like she just died from depression tbh.

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