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  1. Falconwithaboxon

    RIP Paul

    My Columbian Spotted Pleco, Paul, has died. I was on a trip and don't know for sure why but I believe he drowned or starved. When I got back he was sitting on the bottom which is normal for a pleco but then I noticed a few minutes later that he still had not moved. He was stuck in some of the...
  2. K

    synodontis catfish sudden death :'(

    Hi everyone. We have had a synodontis catfish for most of our fish keeping life. I came downstairs this morning to see he had passed away. I am utterly devastated, he was the friendliest fish we have had in our tank and he was absolutely gorgeous, even neon looking around his edges. He was my 3...
  3. Electric Warrior

    Dead Apisto

    HI, so I had a trio of apisto cacs, that I have had in my tank since the beginning. There is one dominant female that spawns every other week, and I had another female that I found dead this evening. It seems that I saw her die right in front of me, as I was looking in the tank for the male, I...