CW147 spawning photos from Ian Fuller

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Feb 25, 2009
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These photos and information comes from Ian Fuller. The CW147 is closely related to Scleromystax barbatus but does not get as large and, as documented in the video, has a different spawning behaviour. I cannot download the video, but you can see it on Ian's free Facebook page CorydorasWorld. They are maintained at a temperature of 21-22C (70-72F) and I believe this spawning is the first for Ian. "Just before lights out the glass with the 80 + eggs on was removed and placed into a hang on container with water from the tank, an air stone and 30 ml of alder concentrate." Ian says if successful going forward, this species will likely be available in the UK; at present he has the only fish (I assume, but doesn't matter).

Britto (2003) established the monophyly of the (then) four species assigned to the genus Scleromystax. [They were previously considered in the monophyletic genus Corydoras.] So far as I am aware from subsequent descriptions of new species in Scleromystax, all of them are found in coastal drainages in eastern Brazil, over substrates of sand. They have never been encountered in other than completely fresh water, inland; one author mentions how they clearly avoid non-fresh water. There are presently six species in the genus. The information on the habitat given in the species' descriptions is interesting indeed. The papers are readily available (free of charge) using Google Scholar. I hope Ian's work is successful, and this species can become more common, it really is a remarkable beauty.

Edit. Might help to list the species to make finding the papers easier.
Scleromystax barbatus (Quoy & Gaimard 1824)
Scleromystax macropterus (Regan 1913)
Scleromystax prionotos (Nijssen & Isbrücker 1980)
Scleromystax reisi Britto, Fukakusa & Malabarba 2016
Scleromystax salmacis Britto & Reis 2005
Scleromystax virgulatus (Nijssen & Isbrücker 1980)


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