Corylover5 - July 2020 Pet of the Month Winner!

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May 22, 2020
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We have a winner in
July 2020 Pet of the Month Contest

We had 10 unique pets entered in the POTM contest but only one could win...

And the winner is..:band:
Let's all congratulate corylover5 and her Rex Rabbit

Here is the
photo and description of "Helix"

This is Helix. He is a 1 year old Blue eyed white mini Rex rabbit. I got him from a local breeder when he was a few months old. He has a pedigree and a bloodline from show rabbits.
He lives in a large hutch outside in a screened in sun room but he comes inside every day to run around and play. He will also come inside if it is too cold or hot out, then he stays inside in a large cage.
He gets 1/3 cup of Oxbow Essentials adult rabbit food a day sprinkled with Kaytee Natural Toppings. He gets unlimited Timothy Hay and fresh water each day. He is fed a few Alfalfa cubes each week as well.
Some of his favorite treats include fresh strawberries, rose petals, banana, Russel rabbit carrot treats, and fresh herbs.
He knows a lot of tricks, a few including spinning in a circle, walking on his hind legs, and standing up and putting his 2 front paws on my hand.
Some of his favorite things to do are sprinting up and down stairs, running through a tunnel, flopping over and sleeping, jumping around and doing his "happy hop"(I call it happy hop but it's technically called a Binky), following people around, and jumping on the couch when no one is looking.
He gets to go outside 5 or more times a week on a harness to eat grass or in a pet stroller to go on a walk.
Helix is a very sweet and loving bunny who is always a happy little rabbit.
Congratulations, Corylover - you had stiff competition, but a rabbit in a waistcoat is always hard to beat (all he needed to complete the ensemble was a pocket watch! :lol:) He's lovely- rexes have particularly beautiful fur, haven't they?

And thank you to everyone who shared their pets - I loved them all!

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