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Compatible mp4 video formats to upload on forums

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Dec 2, 2023
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Sri lanka
Having compatability issues uploading my mp4 video format on Tropical Fish Forums. Any other way I can upload my videos and share it. I'm using a Samsung A10 phone.
You would need to upload your video to a hosting site such as youtube and then post the link
You would need to upload your video to a hosting site such as youtube and then post the link
Yes it showed media upload with links. Wondering if it's possible directly from my phone video.
I've had the same problem trying to post videos on different websites. Sometimes, it's not just about the video type but also how big the file is or how it was made. I used Movavi to fix this. It's a tool that lets me change my videos to fit the website's needs without making them look worse. It also helps make the files smaller if they're too big to upload. I found it there, allowing me to share my videos more easily.
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I should know this as a mod, but I believe I encountered this before I was one - the size of the site would have to be increased at great expense to being able to store or host video. So almost every forum makes you link to hosting sites.
When I think of influencers, I see commercial creatures without depth. I don't think a forum like this needs gurus or mouthpieces - as we go along along we get an ever shifting set of people who have learned and want to share, and hopefully build a community around that. I've known a couple of 'influencers' in the aquarium world, and not one has struck me as someone I'd maintain a conversation with. They sell with energy, and aren't great listeners.
Video is important, more so than writing these days, and it would be nice to see a growth of good youtubers, etc. They might influence the hobby in certain ways. But right now, the hits that the better sites get are nothing in comparison to the gimmicky stuff. Could we help build a better fish culture. Yes, but more through the links we make here with other people.
Let's not forget that today there are pretty much only two reasons why Social Media sites exist:

1. To provide a commercial site for making money selling things which greatly enriches the site's owners as well.
2. To empower idiots. Pretty much any fool can post or upload anything they want.

The above is my opinion and explains why I am not registered on such sites. I do not consider this site to be social media as it lacks the many millions of users/members that such true sites have. This and most other specialized forums do not mediate for the accuracy of what is posted. They only prevent nastiness, bad behavior or violation of posted site rules. Misinformation can only be moderated by other members but not site staff or ownership.

I don't understand influencers. Well actually I do, they exist because people have become too lazy to the work required to uncover the facts and truth. What makes social media works are the users and the influencers attract the lazy who prefer not to think for themselves. *sigh* "What makes the common person uncommon is common sense." This appears to be banned on social media......

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